Local Weather


SNOTEL (Abbreviated Data)


These SNOTEL reports show the most recent observation on the top of the list and also show the amount of recent precipitation in an easy to use format. The SNOTEL links on the image above show longer history than these abbreviated reports.


Aneroid Lake #2 SNOTEL

Moss Springs SNOTEL

Mt Howard SNOTEL

Schneider Meadows SNOTEL

Taylor Green SNOTEL

Anthony Lakes SNOLITE Site


Point Forecast

This link will take you to a point forecast centered near Joseph, Oregon. Click on map to move the forecast location.

Northern Wallowas Point Forecast

National Weather Service Local Avalanche Guidance

These are NWS produced forecasts covering our region.

National Weather Service Local Avalanche Guidance Forecasts


Mesowest Links

Map with links

WAC - Mt. Howard (SWAG)

Mt Howard SnoTel (SWAG)

WAC - Anthony Lakes (SWAG)


Other Local Weather Reports and Forecasts


Sheep Ridge Weather

NWS Forecast Discussion

Salt Creek Summit Forecast (NWS)

Joseph Oregon Weather

NWS Snowfall Forecast (WPC Snowfall Probability)

Unisys Weather

The Weather Channel

Intellicast Weather

HPC Day 1-3 6 Hr POPs

Get NWS Text Messages



Wallowa Mountain Milepost Forecasts


National Weather Service forecasters developed these near term forecasts for the Wallowa Avalanche Center to provide a more detailed forecast specific to regions in the Wallowa Mountains. The product is based on the existing “Milepost” product which the Weather Service produces for points along major highways.


Aneroid Mountain Milepost Forecast

Mt. Howard SNOTEL Milepost Forecast

Taylor Green SNOTEL Milepost

Wallowa Region Virtual Sounding


Anthony Lakes / Elkhorn Mountains Forecasts


Anthony Lakes Milepost Forecast



RAWS Stations


RAWS Weather stations provide data primarily for wildland fire suppression. Although they do not include snow data, they do include wind data.


Sparta Butte RAWS

Minam Lodge RAWS

Pt. Prominence RAWS

Harl Butte RAWS


Aviation Winds Aloft Forecasts


Winds aloft are forecast for Kimberly, Oregon and Lewiston, and Boise Idaho in the vicinity of the Wallowa mountains. The 9000 ft forecast gives an indication of what might be expected at ridge top level.

San Francisco Forecast (Includes Kimberly [IMB])

Salt Lake City Forecast (Includes Lewiston [LWS] and Boise [BOI])


Weather Maps


QPF Precipitation Forecast

Intermountain Regional Snow Analysis

Freezing Level Chart

Northwest Soundings

Wallowa Mountains weather archive