Umatilla Snow Profile

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Ski (Mountaineering AT, Tele etc)   03/09/2014 2:04 PM 02/26/2014 3:26 PM
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Rapid temperature rise


A group of three skinned up from the Weston-Elgin highway near Spout Springs Ski Resort to complete a snow profile.  Brian Sather reported heavy snowfall last weekend in the area and we were curious to see how this new snow had bonded to the existing snowpack.

There was significant surface hoar and the top 3cm of the snowpack was a knife hardness crust layer likely caused by rain. This surface hoar on the crust layer could potentially create and instability if it remains intact and is buried. Other layers to note were 46-50 (rounds) and 154-ground (rounds).

We dug our snow pit on 20 degree slope north aspect. We completed a compression test and an extended column test. The first CT results were: CTM 14 Q3 Depth:18 and CTH 30 Q3 Depth:29. A second CT was preformed to verify; the results were: CTH 21 Q3 Depth: 17 and CTH 28 Q3 Depth: 28. The ECT results were: ECTX 30.

Note from WAC Director Keith Stebbings: Will Meyer is an EOU student and WAC intern this season and we appreciate BrIan Sather and Jerry Isaak working with him out in the field. Thanks for the good video work courtesy Brian Sather, Tesmond Hurd and Will Meyer !!

Snow & Weather
Elevation: 5080 ft New Snow: 0 in Snow Depth: 220 in
Wind: S @ mph

Surface hoar was being destroyed as the day progressed, but the top layer is something to keep an eye on as it gets buried.

In deep in the pit, Tesmond (left) and Will (right)

By noon the snow was soft and spring-like.

Snow Pit Profile
New Snow / Snow Surface

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Snow Depth: 


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