Lee's Peak Ridge Snow Profile

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Ski (Mountaineering AT, Tele etc)   02/23/2014 12:40 PM 02/20/2014 9:23 PM
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Recent avalanche activity


We skinned up to the North-Northwest aspect of Lee's Peak Ridge from Hoffer Lake in order to study the recent avalanche that occurred on Lee's Peak. Due to the recent avalanche activity we opted to avoid avalanche terrain when possible in order to mitigate risk. Due to low visibility as well as potentially dangerous conditions we chose to dig a snow pit on a similar aspect to where the slide occurred on Lee's Peak. It was reported that this avalanche (SS-N-R4D3-WI-G) ripped to ground. We believe that because our pit was on a very similar aspect to where the avalanche occurred it would yield information indicative of snow pack conditions on the slope upon which the avalanche occurred.

The pit was dug on a north northwest aspect 32 degree slope. We found a substantial rain crust at 82cm depth (knife density). Under this rain crust were facets of varying density to the ground (fist density 84cm-105cm, 4-finger density 106cm-ground).  We did not expect to get this instability to react with compression test, but nonetheless it is a significant instability within the current snowpack and should not be ignored regardless of test results.

Because of the new snow, recent avalanche activity, and observable wind loading we determined it not wise to venture on to suspect slopes. We had no intentions of skiing the aspect we dug our pit on.

Snow & Weather
Elevation: 7710 ft New Snow: 38 in Snow Depth: 185 in
Precip: Snow Wind: SE @ mph

A skier cut on the way to Hoffer didn't budge anything.

It was a good day for inbound powder at the resort, with lots of snow coming down and strong SE wind. Skier below is barely visible and kicking up powder near the bottom of K2.

Snow Pit Profile
New Snow / Snow Surface

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Snow Depth: 


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Precipitation was S+3.  Winds were moderate with strong gusts.



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