South Ridge

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Wheeled vehicle (car, truck, atv)   01/25/2012 9:02 PM 01/25/2012 9:02 PM
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Skied out to South Ridge from Salt Cr Summit. Temp at 9:30 @ SCS 31, it must have gotten warm overnight as I was skinning on top of a crust layer w/ about 2"-6" of fresh. Skiing was pretty good, ankle to boot deep pow, but it did get warm on south facers below 8000'. Skin track out was already setting up. My stability tests  told me to wait for a better day for bigger lines, yellow light skiing. Temp when I returned to car a 4:00 32.

Dug a pit at the base of S. Ridge; 7000', NE aspect, temp 32, total snow 145cm, ETCN 14 Q2 for the top 10cm, ETCN 26 Q2 @ 38cm down. This is the layer between the old and new snow from out last storm cycle.

Dug a pit at on eastern spine of S. Ridge proper; 7500', NE aspect. total snow 95cm, ECTP 21 Q1 @ 42cm down. I wanted to see how a windload shallow snowpack would react

Dug a pit near the top of S. Ridge; 7800', NW aspect, total snow 195cm, ETCN 24 Q1 @ 68cm down. After the partial collapse on this ETC I shovel sheared it and the soft slab popped in my lap.

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