Recent Days in the Salt Creek Summit Area

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Ski (Mountaineering AT, Tele etc)   02/09/2011 7:25 AM 02/08/2011 7:32 PM
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I spent the last couple of days in the Wing Ridge area. Monday I had the pleasure of joining a great group of guys from the Portland area. We skied up into First Basin and Mini Bowl area. The new shot of snow had transformed conditions in that area from survival skiing to a very enjoyable 3” – 5” of powder well bonded to a crust. A lot of wind transport was observed on main ridge tops. On Tuesday a few of us climbed Fat Ridge to about 7900’. It was generally foggy with a light northwest wind. It snowed on and off. Toward mid-afternoon, the fog mostly burned off and the sun came out. Recent snows greatly improved riding in the last couple of days. Though the NW winds have given us some pretty variable conditions, generally the skiing in the area accessed by Salt Creek Summit is good. I did not observe any recent avalanche activity. The road was plowed to Salt Creek Summit today and is in good shape.

Snow & Weather
Elevation: 8300 ft New Snow: 8 in Snow Depth: 155 in
Precip: Snow Flurries Wind: NW @ mph
The last few days weather in the SCS area has alternated between snow (heavy at times) and sun.
A new melt/freeze layer formed Saturday/Saturday night. It now sits beneath about 8 cm of new dry snow. My glove points to the lowermost of the three ice layers in the snowpack that we have been watching.
Though the wind has been light, it still is moving a lot of snow. On our second lap today our first tracks were mostly covered.
New Snow / Snow Surface

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In the last couple of days the weather has been alternating between stormy with high snowfall rates, and sunny blue skies. It has been snowing on and off since Sunday morning. As of this afternoon the new snow amount varies from 1” to 5”, depending on what effect the wind had. The average net new snow coverage is about 3” High temperatures in the Wing Ridge area the last couple of days were mid-to-high twenties. A light northwest wind that has been blowing since yesterday morning has been rearranging the surface snow.


Snow Flurries

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Location / Route

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Monday Feb 7, First Basin, Mini Bowl, shoulder of the Pyramid. Tuesday February 8, Fat Ridge to alpine.


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