Aneroid Basin to 7300 ft.

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Ski (Mountaineering AT, Tele etc)   12/21/2010 12:37 AM 12/21/2010 12:37 AM
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Awesome snow conditions up Aneroid today. We skinned right out of the snowpark. The trail is in great shape until about 6100 ft. Here we started to encounter some trees blocking the trail. Most were such that you could duck under or step over quite easily. After the four mile bridge at about 6900 ft., things got a little rougher. This area has a blowdowns completely covering the trail for quite a distance. We ended up following the drainage to the east up to about 7300 ft and then dropping back down to the trail. One of my skins was causing problems and we had already killed a lot of time getting around the blowdowns, so we decided to head back down. Going back down the trail, we found it much easier to circumnavigate the bad section on the west side, near where the trail splits for a short distance. We were stilled forced off the trail and had to scramble over a few trees, but it wasn't really that bad! The trip out was a lot of work, stopping and ducking a lot under large trees.

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I'm standing where the trail splits just above four mile bridge at about 7100 ft. You can see an example of the many uprooted trees. The trail is right above my pack.
One of the lesser blow downs below four mile bridge.
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Aneroid Basin trail. We took the service road to the dam and then joined the summer trail, until extensive blowdowns forced us to deviate to the east.


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