Wind slab developing in Angel Basin

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Ski or Snowboard   02/19/2016 7:38 PM 02/19/2016 6:03 PM
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Intense precipitation

Toured Angel Basin and dug pit in Gunsight couloir on Feb 19, 2016. Encountered a mix of wind-effected snow, scour to old crust, and drifting up to 14". Skiing was great where protected from wind, not so good elsewhere. No recent avalanche activity was observed. Older wet loose activity still evident below Gunsight and in an adjacent chute to the skier's L. Snowpack structure in Gunsight couloir seemed poor and caused us to change our course for the day. Hand pits and compression tests revealed hollow wind slab (4F-1F) developing atop a P to K-hard crust. Multiple failure planes in storm snow, including at the old snow interface.
8000' NNE CT 5 Q1 @ 25 cm at old/new snow interface (x3).

Snow & Weather
Elevation: 8000 ft

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