Wallowa Flyover (Lots O'Pics)

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04/15/2017 11:35 AM 04/07/2014 8:29 PM
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Recent avalanche activity
Rapid temperature rise


Julian and I did a fairly thorough flyover of the Wallowas today, namely Jim White Ridge, China Cap, Sentinal, Eagle Cap, Pete's Point, Aneroid, Big Sheep, Cusick, Red Mountain, Cornucopia Peak, Kraig Peak, East Eagle, Main Eagle, and West Eagle. The snowpack was looking good up high from a coverage standpoint, but the warm temperature and direct sun were causing sluffing on steep terrain on most aspects. Most sluffs were running half the distance and fanning out, usually about 200-600 feet in length. 

The most excitement was seeing a live sluff running down a mountain on a NE aspect. It was moving fairly slow but entrained in a gully and then fanned out as it reached the opening at the bottom. This one ran 800+ feet and could have definitely injured a skier, if not buried or killed. Many of the sluffs looked harmless but several involved terrain traps. Off Cornucopia Peak SE side (east of Schneider Cabin) there were some fresh looking loose-wet snow deposits that had entrained and run a long way in creek beds, scouring to the ground in many places.

We did not see any slab avalanches and all the crowns we saw were older and had been covered with new snow. 

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