New Beacon Park

Posted: Mon, 1/8/2018 10:29 AM

The Wallowa Avalanche Center is excited to announce the installation of the brand new BCA beacon training park at Salt Creek Summit. Thanks to everyone who came out to help with the installation. Through a grant received from the Wildhorse Foundation, we were able to purchase a new and improved wireless beacon park. Our old beacon park has been donated to Anthony Lakes Resort and Ski Patrol and we'll let you know when it's up and running. The beacon park is a great way to introduce new backcountry travelers to the proper usage of the avalanche beacon. Not only carrying avalanche rescue gear (beacon, shovel, probe) but knowing how to use it efficiently is key, if you're involved in an avalanche rescue. The beacon park is adjacent to the warming hut on the East side of the parking lot. You'll see the snow fencing and the "Avalanche Training Beacon Park" sign. In a green metal box (Lock code 1962) you'll find the control panel with an "ON/OFF" switch. Turn the control switch "ON" and then simply flip the switch for one or more of the 8 buried beacons. Go through your normal beacon search and once you've found a low reading begin probing. There's a board attached above the beacon box, and once you strike the board you'll hear a beeping sound coming from the control box. This confirms your probe strike. If you need a greater challenge you can practice multiple burials and time your friends. Please don't dig the strike boards up and cover your probing holes with snow. There will also be a sign in sheet located with the control panel so please fill that out. If you have any questions or concerns email Here's a great video from BCA on the basics of using a beacon: