Keith's Bicycle Tour

Keith is pedaling his bike from Whittier, Alaska to Fairbanks, and then on to Brownsville, Texas. His bike is fitted with an APRS tracking transmitter. You can follow his progress on this map. The map below shows the last reported position, and the recent track information may be viewed on this site: You can read complete details HERE

Back on the road again as of August 15th. This time with only one trailer and just my HT Yeasu VX-6R. I'll be touring from Joseph to Boulder, CO with a stop in Salt Lake City. I'll be on the road for approx. two months. I'll be listening in on 2 meters and 440. Then a short tour of central/southern Colorado before pedaling is done for the season and I return to my responsibilities at WAC.

The decision to postpone (due to trailer malfunction) was made in Haines Junction, Yukon and so I cycled to the ferry in Haines, AK, then bicycled home from Bellingham, WA. Total trip miles = 2079. I made some great HAM friends in AK and YT. I was able to join the AK Bush Net on 7.093 MHz quite a number of times. And made contacts with friends back in Joseph on 20 and 17 meters. Numerous contacts on 2 meters locally (AK and YT) and through the well established irlp AK network. And I have heard numerous folks were following me on aprs. I will try to download the entire gps track I left for the trip and place it on this page sometime soon.


June 7, 2011: Keith checked in from Destruction Bay, YT last night. After over 800 miles pulling double trailers and over 120 pounds of gear, Keith has decided to make a detour along his route. The marginal road condirions and his two trailers proved problematic, so he is headed back to Joseph for a break in the tour. Keith will no doubt continue his cycling adentures and has enjoyed all the support and interest in his trip. He still has a long way to go back to Joseph even with a ferry trip to Bellingham. Check back for updates!

June 4, 2011: Scott and Tom talked to Keith last night. He is in Canada, near Beaver Creek, YT; MP 1170. He reports a couple of flat tires and some rough road conditions.

May 31, 2011: Scott talked to Keith today by radio from Dot Lake, AK. Mile Post 1360 on the AlCan.

May 30, 2011: Keith reports that a talented welder fixed his trailer hitch and he will be leaving Delta Junction tomorrow.

May 29, 2011: Keith reports that his first trailer hitch tongue broke today due to a fatigue failure. He is in Delta Junction and will be there until he finds a welder to make the repair to his trailer. Might be Tuesday because of the holiday on Monday.

May 28, 2011: I've been away from the Internet for a few days, but here is the latest on Keith's trip. He spent a couple days in North Pole resting up and started the journey south yesterday. While in the Fairbanks area, the local paper picked up on his trip. Read about it HERE. Last night was at Birch Lake and tonight he is just south of Delta Junction, the official northern terminous of the AlCan Highway. We don't expect a position update from Keith for some time, so the map will show his last report south of North Pole. We do not expect a map update for about a week.

May 20, 2011: In Cantwell,  mile post 215.

May 19, 2011: Keith spent last night near Trapper Creek after a short ride from Talkeena. We spoke by radio last night. We expect no radio coverage until he nears Fairbanks, possibly sometime Sunday. The tracking data will likely not updat until Sunday sometime.

May 18, 2011: We spoke with Keith last night by radio and he was camped out just outside Wasilla. Today he will be pedaling to Talkeetna.

May 16, 2011: Keith checked in by radio this morning from Palmer and is headed north. Out of radio tracking range right now.

May 14, 2011: Keith is in Anchorage now and the map is updating!

May 12, 2011: Off the ferry finally!! Keith arrived in Whittier this morning and pedaled his way over to Girdwood. He will arrive in Anchorage tomorrow. He will be technologically whole again this weekend and the maps should update with his current position. He plans to be on the air at the scheduled times starting next Tuesday, May 17.

May 7, 2011: We arrived in Bellingham last night. Keith will be leaving on the Ferry tonight bound for Whittier, Alaska, near Anchorage.