Avalanche Advisory

Issued: Friday, October 20, 2017 7:15 AM
Updated: Sunday, October 22, 2017 6:27 PM
Forecaster: Victor McNeil

Primary Problem

Secondary Problem


For the next two days winter is making an appearance in NE Oregon. A strong low pressure system will be moving through our forecasted zones over the next couple days. Snow levels will remain below 5,000' today through Saturday evening, before increasing to above 8,000' Sunday morning. Total snowfall appears to be above 2' accompanied with strong SW winds in the Northern Wallowas and Elkhorns. Bottom line is it's going to be very stormy, but the new snow may lure some folks into the mountains.


Weekly advisories will not begin NOT begin until later this fall/early winter, but we will update conditions on a needed basis. The WAC has been very busy this fall making improvements we hope you will find useful this coming winter. We received a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation to purchase a new Beacon Basin to be installed at Salt Creek Summit. The beacon basin is a great way to refine your beacon search skills and teach others. Look for updates on the installation early this winter! Through all the generous donations and fundraising we received in the past year we just purchased a new remote weather station that will be installed in the Southern Wallowas this fall. Telemetry from the weather station will include wind speeds and direction, temperature and relative humidity and will be available on our website and at www.josephoregonweather.com . We are also working on some new t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats to show off our new logo. Thanks to everyone who has donated in the past year.

Recent Activity


Current Conditions

Current Conditions at 8am; Mt Howard 23 degrees, wind 3mph from West, Salt Creek Summit 29 degrees, winds calm, Anthony Lakes 23 degrees, winds 8mph SW, Schneider Meadows Snotel 34 degrees, Aneroid Snotel 28 degrees.

Mountain Weather

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General Annoucement

We will NOT begin weekly advisories until later this fall/winter, but check back for conditions updates.

DISCLAIMER: This advisory does not apply to developed ski areas and avalanche terrain affecting highways.