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Avalanche Problems

Forecaster: Victor McNeil
Updated: 5 days ago (Thu, Feb 16)
BOTTOM LINE: After a week of warm temperatures and little snow accumulation, the local mountains are heading back into winter. By the end of the weekend, forecasts are showing snowfall totals approaching 2', with the heaviest snowfall today and Saturday. Winds are howling this morning with gusts recorded into the 50's in the Northern Wallowa's. The new snow will be falling on a variety of surfaces, from a m...    Read more

WAC News

Kip Rand Hats For Sale

by Victor McNeil
Monday, February 13, 2017 - 08:58

The Wallowa Avalanche Center is excited to announce we have received a fresh shipment of Kip Rand Hats. These hats depict the final day of Kip's life, as he was on a 12,000' ski day in the Northern Wallowa's. The hats represent two of the lines Kip had skied on that day including the Hurwal Divide and Sacajawea. All of the proceeds from the sale of the hats go directly to the avalanche center. These awesome hats can be purchased at Blue Mountain Outfitters in La Grande or you can send a check directly to the Wallowa Avalanche Center PO Box 324 Joseph, OR 97846. Another option is to donate online via Pay Pal and include that you would like a hat in the notes section. You can receive a free hat with a $50 donation, or purchase one for $25. Help support the legacy of a great... Read more


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