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Avalanche Problems

Forecaster: Victor McNeil
Updated: 2 days ago (Thu, Dec 8)
BOTTOM LINE: Good morning this is Victor McNeil with the avalanche advisory for Thursday, December 8th. Over the past week the Wallowa's and Elkhorn's have continued to accumulate snow, with up to a foot of new snow falling in the Southern Wallowa's and Elkhorn's. The snowpack has been observed at around three feet deep in the Western Wallowa's and Elkhorn's above 8,000'. There are still many early season o...    Read more

WAC News

A tribute to WAC Director, Kip Rand (1986-2016)

by Julian Pridmore-Brown
Saturday, November 26, 2016 - 15:18

In the October issue of the American Avalanche Association's The Avalanche Review, WAC forecaster Michael Hatch paid tribute to his friend and colleague, Kip Rand who past away last March after a cornice fall accident in the Wallowa Mountains. The article is presented in its entirety. Thanks to the fine work of some of Kip's friends we are offering a special limited edition hat in memory of Kip. The hat features a rendition of the view Kip and his partner had on their last tour together standing at the top of the Joseph headwall. It's has a WAC logo on the side. All profits from the sale of this hat will go to the avalanche center. If you go to the "Support WAC Now" button... Read more


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