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Friday, January 23


Forecaster: Michael Hatch
Issued: Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 7:03 AM PST
BOTTOM LINE: Since cold front passage on Sunday the snowpack locked up with a significant 2 to 4" surface crust on most aspects and elevations. There is the possibility of encountering isolated pockets of wind slab on steep (>35 degree) N-E aspects at and near ridge line, especially in the southern Wallowas where new snow totals from the weekend were in the 2ft. range. As our area comes und...   

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Happy New Year

Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 12:28 AM
by Julian Pridmore-Brown

January weather around here is often dominated by high pressure systems diverting the big storms and bringing fog to the valleys with strong inversions. This year is no exception with a fairly quiet start to the New Year in terms of weather. While the weather may be taking a pause, things have been busy for us. Producing a weekly danger scale advisory brings a host of other activities that all require attention. Dissemination of avalanche warnings was on our agenda this week as we met with local National Weather Service staff to ensure a timely and accurate response to get the word out. Avalanche warnings are indeed rare, and indicate widespread areas of high or extreme avalanche danger. So far we issued one in mid-December after a strong wet storm significantly loaded the shallow snowpack we had. 

I was looking over the observations submitted to the site recently and realized that by the end of December we had already exceeded the total number of observations we received 4 years ago! That's tremendous growth and shows great support from our local community. Thanks to everyone who contributed - please continue!

Lastly, I would also like to add a huge thank you to our financial donors so far this year. The overall cost for producing each advisory is staggering for our small organization. We pay forecasters and observers a small stipend that covers little more than fuel to get to a trailhead and back to town, and now perhaps a burger thanks to the lower gas prices! It all adds up and still leaves us with shortfall in areas we would like to allocate more. So please take the time to make a donation of any amount you are comfortable with. It's much appreciated.


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