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Avalanche Problems

Forecaster: Kip Rand
Updated: 2 days ago (Thu, Feb 4)
BOTTOM LINE: Natural and human-triggered wind slab avalanches will be a major concern for backcountry travelers today and as we head into the weekend. Unconsolidated snow from the last storm cycle will easily be transported onto leeward slopes near ridgetops and crossloaded terrain features by moderate W-SW winds, producing sensitive slabs. Snow accumulations from a series of small storms over the next two day...   

WAC News

Mid Season Update

Friday, February 5, 2016 - 10:24 AM
by Keith Stebbings

The northeast corner of Oregon is sporting 117% of average snowfall so far this season!! The riding in our mountains is the best in recent years. Our forecasters are hard at work keeping you abreast of avalanche problems to be watchful for as we enjoy the bounty.

About this time of year we begin projecting what services we can provide the following year. It boils down to how much is in the till earmarked for next season expenses. We have noted many wonderful donations so far this winter. Thanks folks! To give you some specifics, we need approximately $27,000. each year to sustain the level of product you are enjoying this winter. Our expenses go beyond what you readily see in the advisory publications - now two per week! We have three weather stations to support, ongoing website design/updates/maintenance, our listing on, our professional observer network, insurance premiums, accountant costs, and a host of other things. We have received a bit less than a third of the $27K needed for next years expenses.

Please consider rallying all you can think of who benefit from our services and suggest they send in a donation or sponsorship. One awesome way to help us is to attend our premier Eastern Oregon Backcountry Festival held in conjunction with Eastern Oregon University, Anthony Lakes Mtn Resort and US! Set aside Friday evening the 26th for the film fest night (proceeds to WAC) and plan to hang out on-snow for the whole weekend! Details at:

Thanks and let's keep the WAC wheels turning for the 2016/2017 season with what you enjoy now.
Keith Stebbings, President

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